“We do not go into ceremony to talk about God.
We go into ceremony to talk with God”
— Quanah Parker Comanche

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You will take a life-changing, transformational journey deep within, to face all the fears and blocks which hold you back. Release the toxins so you can increase your health and vitality, and connect you back to love so you can become who you truly are.

Deep in the Amazon, you are able to go into your own cocoon to undergo a process of deep healing and transformation. The lodge we are staying at is surrounded by the ancient magic and wisdom of nature, and built with a deep love and respect for all sacred jungle medicines of the area.

Taking Plant Medicines is not for everyone. I personally vet every single participant to make sure they are committed to this experience with the best possible intentions. We are not in the business of trips for thrill seekers, looking for the next mind bending experience, but those who are on a personal journey to healing through nature. 

The lodge we will be staying at has been custom built solely as a Plant Medicine retreat, in a safe and secluded setting. We will be far from civilisation, a good hour walk in mud, and the land is hilly. There is a lot of walking so we will only be able to accommodate people who are physically fit and able to walk up and down hills in moderate heat.

Love & gratitude, 

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what we Offer

  • Traditional indigenous plant medicine ceremonies
  • You will prepare and cook your own medicine
  • All ceremonies are facilitated by both a Western and Indigenous Shaman
  • Loving facilitators who work at the Lodge that will do all they can to make your stay as comfortable as possible
  • You will be deep in the Peruvian Amazon
  • You will stay in naturally built tambo huts, surrounded by the jungle
  • Full intention setting before the first ceremony
  • Full processing after every ceremony
Rainforest Healing Center Peru by Dave Blake Photographer (104-peru).jpg

•   110 medicinal plants have been documented on the property and when it rains, all the medicine get washed into the stream, so you are washing in the cleanest, medicinal waters