What is a Plant Medicine Dieta?

A Plant Medicine Dieta is an opportunity to dive deep into one particular medicine to embody the wisdom and spirit of the plant. When we consume a plant spirit to invoke the ‘spirit doctor’ we have to break through the limited three dimensional realities of our five senses, which makes us very delicate and sensitive to external influences.

By being in silence we can dive into ourselves and access the very depths of the plant spirit so we can commune and become connected to it on the deepest level with the Plant spirit. This connection to plant consciousness and communing with the plants enables us to have a more satisfying relationship with life, and god.

It helps us re-boot, re-connect and re-energise our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies and acts like a rebirth, so that we can face the world with a renewed sense of who we are and why we are on the planet.

These dietas are only for those who want to really commit and go deeper on the plant medicine path. It is for those who are willing to look at themselves honestly and are ready to realign the ego with the heart, however painful and challenging that may be.

You may feel that a plant is calling you to experience it. However, regardless of what plant you drink, in order to complete and receive all the gifts from the plant medicines you must have discipline and dedication to both the plant you are taking and the path.

What is Chiric Sanago

 Chiric Sanago is one of the lesser known plant medicines of the Peruvian Amazon, but one of the most powerful, and is regarded as the Grandfather medicine. I haven’t yet met an indigenous shaman who hasn’t done a Chiric Sanango dieta. It is the prerequisite dieta that all trainee shamans do before serving any other Plant medicine.

Chiric Sanango has been used to treat fever, rheumatism, syphilis, and arthritis in traditional medicine as well as several forms of parasitic infections. One of its main compounds is scopoletin, a phytochemical that has shown analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-tumor, cancer-preventive, anti-fungal, and anti-spasmodic activity in laboratory experiments. A transformative master plant, the word “chiric” in Quechua means “itchy” or “tickling”, which refers to the sensation when the root is swallowed, as the mouth and lips become itchy, or like pins and needles. It also causes dizziness, disorientation, extreme chills, weakness or fatigue, and releasing of oppressed emotions.

This is because Chiric Sanango aligns your ego with your heart so that you can be a more effective shaman in all areas of your life. Wherever you have not been in alignment with your heart, Chiric will shine a light onto your shadow self.

Be prepared to face your darkness. It will bring up your past and where you acted from ego, and not from the heart. It will show you who you really are and if you have been lying and fooling yourself, stuck in an image that isn’t real.

What is Uchu Sanango

Uchu Sanango is a well known plant teacher growing in the upper Amazon basin and is taken as a health tonic for the treatment of many ailments.  The locals use it as a febrifuge (fever reducer), emetic, diuretic, and calmative, and it can aid in the healing and realigning of the muscular and skeletal systems. Uchu Sanango has also been known to perform as a memory enhancer. The alkaloids help reset our neural pathways allowing neurotransmitters to be received, thereby enhancing memory. It also works at the cellular level, cleansing and restoring as it moves throughout the body.  It is a powerful doctor spirit and can provide immense healing, guidance, and strength during Ayahuasca ceremonies.