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Chiric sanango isolation dieta

A 12 Day Isolation Dieta Retreat In The Peruvian Amazon 

7th December - 19th December 2018

3 x Drink Chiric or Uchu Sanango & upto 3 x Ayahuasca Ceremonies 

Facilitated by Rebekah Shaman & a traditional indigenous shaman

what we offer

Our ceremonies are held in the ancient and traditional way with full respect to the indigenous ancestors that have passed it down over thousands of years. We adhere to all the protocols and procedures so everyone receives individual and personalised guidance and healing at the deepest levels. We also sit with an indigenous shaman so that you get the full shamanic experience.

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Important Information

You must have a clear and solid intention and reason for taking the plant medicine. It is also very important that you form a good relationship to the plant and connect with it. You will scrape your root every afternoon between 4-6pm pm and drink it between 4-6am in the morning. During this ritual, you must sing, pray and connect to the medicine so you receive it’s optimum healing.

Accommodation & Diet

•   All ceremonies, accommodation and food during retreat

•  You have your own private tambo and bathing area

•   A strict Chiric Sanango isolation diet

•   Transport to lodge

•   Only five participants makes this a very unique and intimate experience

•   My 20 years of experience and wisdom working with plant medicines, as well as a 3 year deep integration with Chiric Sanago

•   Every person who comes is vetted by me


The Isolation Dieta

We offer the closest thing to a traditional Amazonian ten day Plant Medicine isolation dieta

•   You will drink one root of Chiric Sanango or Uchu Sanango for three  consecutive mornings

•   The shaman and I will bring your food 3 times a day, unless you are drinking Ayahuasca, in which case you will only receive breakfast and lunch

•   If we need to administer any healing or support we will do it during the food delivery

•   Full intention setting prior to the start of the retreat

•   2 Ayahuasca ceremonies, to start and close the dieta

•   A third Ayahuasca ceremony in the middle of the Dieta if you need it

•   We break your diet on a teaspoon of salt and a flower bath after the 9th day

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The Diet

We adhere to a strict isolation dieta diet and there are many rules and regulations including no salt, sugar, caffeine, leafy greens, fruit or vegetables

What we give:

Breakfast: Chapo (banana drink) or Oat porridge

Lunch: Quinoa, egg and platano/yucca

Dinner: Rice, egg and platano/yucca

What is prohibited

The Sanango plants are considered 'jealous' plants so there are many prohibitions including:

•   All washing product, including toothpaste

•   insect repellent, suncream or bite cream

•   perfumes or deodorants

•   All electronic items

•   All books and other stimulation

What is allowed

•   Pen and paper only

Post 30 Day Dieta

It is essential that you adhere to the post dieta rules for thirty days to ensure that you do not experience CRUZADO’ which is crossing the plant medicine. If you break your dieta within the thirty days you can experience, white hives all over the body, confusion, mental breakdown, UTI’s, bladder infections and all the benefits from the plant medicine dissolve. It can also start working detrimentally too. The physical and energetic body must be respected after a dieta and it takes time to reintegrate back into society.

What to Expect

•   Everyone’s experience with Plant Medicines will be different but you are on a rollercoaster and there is no getting off.

•   It is NOTHING like Ayahuasca.

•   There are no visions, but your sight and senses are influenced and you may see moving images that change rapidly.

•   It is very difficult to walk and you will be very wobbly and balance is impaired.

•   You may experience sleepless nights. I do not sleep for at least 4-5 days while under the influence of Chiric Sanango.

•   It will bring up all your primordial fears.

•   You will probably feel light-headed, weak, disorientated, sad, depressed, lonely, confused, some physical muscle pain.

•   If you don’t surrender and accept, it can be a very challenging and traumatic experience.

•   However, if you go through it, the rewards are life-changing and you receive many powerful gifts and wisdom to help you on your journey through life.

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For more information about CHIRIC SANANGO please have a listen to the WEBINAR below:

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What I personally offer

•   My twenty years experience working with plant medicines.

•   My three years woking deeply with Chiric Sanango.

•   My deep love and gratitude to the plant medicines and this respect make a big difference to the process.

•   My deep love and connection for the rainforest.

•   A workbook to mentally and spiritually help prepare you for the journey.

•   A Peru document to practically help you prepare for the journey to the Amazon.

•   A hand picked group of people who are called to work with me.

•   Everyone is vetted and goes through a rigorous interview process to ensure those that come are committed to the medicine and have no mental health issues.

If this feels right for you please email me, and I will send you a form to fill out. Once I have evaluated your form we will let you know if you have a place. You will then have to pay a £750 non-refundable deposit to ensure your space.

There are only 5 spaces on this dieta. 

Please do contact me if you have any further questions.


£3500.00 Early Bird (if booked before August)

£3750.00 Full Price (if booked after August)

What You Get

  • A 12 Day Isolation Dieta Retreat In The Peruvian Amazon
  • 7th December - 19th December 2018
  • 3 x Drink Chiric or Uchu Sanango & up to 3 x Ayahuasca Ceremonies
  • Facilitated by Rebekah Shaman & a traditional Indigenous Shaman

What Isn't Included

•   International flights

•   Domestic flights from Lima to Iquitos

•   Accommodation in Iquitos

•   Tipping the Shaman and lodge workers.

•   Travel Insurance

If this feels right for you please email me...

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