Twenty years ago, in 1998, I was called by a vision to find my teacher, a Master Toé  (Datura) shaman that lived deep in the Amazon jungle. I lived with him and his family and became his apprentice.

It took fourteen years to complete the training, and in 2012 I bought my first group to the Amazon, that included my mother, and was given permission by the medicine to start serving and holding ceremony. From 2014 I have been bringing groups to the Amazon, to experience the deep and profound healing that this medicine can offer.

Jungle Ayahuasca is a brew made of primarily psychoactive leaves and the Banisteropsis Caapi vine. These psychoactive leaves are either from the Chacruna plant or the Huambisa plant. Chacruna is a gentle, heart opening medicine compared to the leaf of the Datura plant.

Toé (Brugmansia) is probably one of the most dangerous, yet enlightening of the Master plant medicines. It is used in magical practices for visionary journeys, shape-shifting, divination, and clairvoyance. It’s active ingredient, Scopolamine is responsible for the visionary effects, and is the alkaloid occurring in highest concentration.

The use of Toé is usually only used by master curanderos and brujos (witches). Curanderos respect it as very powerful plant and use it cautiously, respectfully and sparingly, as it can make you go mad if it’s not administered with integrity, or with an inexperienced shaman.

The Toé visions are not psychedelic, like the Chacruna visions. They are more dark, ‘real,’ and focused on the issues you are dealing with, helping you to purge the emotional and energetic blocks that are causing the dis-ease.

I didn’t know at the time that Don Juanito was a Master Toé Shaman, and my apprenticeship had been with this powerful medicine. Despite my brief time with Don Juanito the training with Toé was so profound and life changing that I believe this is the reason I have dedicated my life to the Plant Medicines and Mother Earth.

My intention is to enable people to experience the healing of Ayahuasca in the jungle itself.

Love & gratitude,

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